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(getestet mit Kubuntu 10.04 LTS)

HOWTO: Set up kpilot to synch your Palm PDA under Kubuntu These directions are current as of Jaunty and cover synching contacts (addressbook) and calendar to Kontact (the KDE calendar/addressbook/todolist app):

1) install the „akonadi“ and „kpilot“ packages: sudo apt-get install akonadi-kde kpilot

2) identify the kontact calendar and addressbook resources to akonadi: System Settings → Advanced → Akonadi configuration click the „std.vcf“ and „std.ics“ entries in turn, pointing them to the following files:

~/.kde/share/apps/kabc/std.vcf ~/.kde/share/apps/korganizer/std.ics

(the first is your addressbook in „vcard“ format and the second is your calendar, as used by Kontact)

3) Tell kpilot to use the Akonadi collections by going to the kpilot config screen and selecting the „Contacts“ and „Calendar“ conduits in turn, clicking on the std.vcf or std.ics names, and clicking Apply.

4) Tell kpilot to sync via usb and not /dev/pilot by going to General Setup → Device in the config window and putting „usb:“ (four characters ending in a colon) into the „Pilot device“ field. This is correct for most people.

5) Put your device in its cradle (and/or plug it in) and press the hotsync button.

If you use these instructions and find problems (or not) please reply. Would be interesting to know how many users are out there.

Automatisches Abschalten verhindern

Eigentlich ist es ziemlich störend, wenn sich der Palm während des Roboterbetriebes ständig nach max. 3 min. abschaltet. Hier gibt es mit bordeigenen Mitteln Abhilfe. Mit Shortcut.3 schaltet man das AutoPower Off bis zum nächsten Reset ab.


Es gibt auch Programmlösungen.

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